Rogue Empire Wiki

Here you can see all the monsters discovered so far as well as its insights.

Introduction: This is the Rogue Empire Bestiary, a WiP project made by players for players to have a source of knowledge on how to face different kind of enemies during the game. Note that this entire project was made without data mining, so is purely based on experience and time.

Image Description Abilities Notes
Giant Rat: one of the most basic enemies in Rogue Empire. They have low health and do little melee damage. They some times spawn out of barrels and boxes.
Wolf: Basic enemy beast, they do not have any ability.
Young Bear: Basic enemy with a medium health pool and noticeable damage. Can prepare devastating blows. Devastating blows
Huge Bat: Small but quick enemy, very fragile
Snake black.jpg
Black Snake: A black coloured snake, quite fragile, but poisonous. Poisonous
Crows: A flock of crows, very small threat. If you see the white version of this mob, it is a flock of seagulls and you should run (so far away).
Scorpion mutated.jpg
Giant Scorpion: Medium threat monster with a poison attack. Poisonous Scorpion venom stacks very quickly. Kill it before it hits you too many times!
Tiger: Tough feline with a good speed and attack, can move with less energy and reduce yours, face it carefully! Tiger's Sprint A good strategy is to fight it from a distance.

It is recommended to use Command Animal on it if you're playing a Druid to save yourself a difficult fight.

Black Panther: A quick feline with the ability to charge towards you. Charge
Giant Crocodile: Territorial animal with a decent attack and defense. It is recommended to use Command Animal on it if you're playing a Druid to save yourself a difficult fight.
Mutated Earthworm: Disgusting creature that split when directly damaged but not insta-killed, quite fragile. Split Dual wielding may hit worm twice, causing it to split.
Angry Dog: Call enemy to your location. Tankier than Wolf Call Enemy
Image Description Abilities Notes
Gnome slingshoter.jpg
Gnome Slinger: Ranged enemy with sling and stone ammo, very low health and damage. Ranged: 2 Tiles
Gnome thief.jpg
Gnome Thief: Knife wielder enemy, low health and damage.

High chance of dropping loot.

Can pick up loot on the ground.

Image Description Abilities Notes
Fungal warrior.jpg
Mushroom Swordsman: Very fragile enemy with normal attack power. None
Fungal magician.png
Mushroom Mage: A mushroom summoner, fragile but can summon fungal spore and other beasts. Summons spores.

Can summon up to 4 spores, up to 2 spores per cast. New ones replace/kill old ones.

(Not sure what happens when spore has morphed)

Fungal spore: Harmless and motionless enemy but with a decent defense, will morph into a mushroom warrior after a short period. Harmless, motionless, morph into a fungal warrior (after 3-4 turns?)
Image Description Abilities Notes
Skeleton warrior.jpg
Skeleton Warrior: Skeleton with sword and shield equipped, harder to kill than the average enemy thanks to the blocks of its shield. None Can block damage; sometimes can spawn bone piles, attack when getting close to them(Hovers mouse over to detect)
Skeleton archer.jpg
Skeleton Archer: Weak enemy with a bow, can be annoying if in a group. Ranged 3? tiles Can pick up loot on the ground (dropped again upon death except for money).
Zombie warrior.jpg
Zombie: Very slow undead but with a decent attack and a big health pool.


Stun(-200? energy) for 4? turns || Use his slowness to your advantage by kiting him with ranged weapons or very prepared bonus.

Resistant against bludgeoning damage.

Weak to slashing damage

Image Description Abilities Notes
Harpy: Weak attack enemy with the ability to attack in a dive, decent health. Dive attack Is very hard if not impossible to escape; after every dive she gets closer to you; she can't dive when near you.
Troll brute.png
Troll Brute: Huge troll driven to savagism, they hit hard and sometimes prepare devastating blows. They also deal bonus damage based on their missing health. Devastating Blows, Vengeance Try to interrupt it (Intimidate, move out of range, paralyzing toxin etc.) before they can land their prepared attack if you cannot kill it within one turn.
Naga wizard.png
Naga Wizard: A lighting master that can sometimes make a critical cast, be extremely careful! Lighting spells May teleport away when you get close. Try to stun it before it gets away, or use ranged weapons or spells to kill it.

A combustible enemy that explodes upon death with a unique effect that differs between colours. (coming in future patches)

Image Description Abilities Notes
Green Blob: Basic Blob, killing him will poison 3x3 all targets Poison 3x3 on death
Blue Blob: A little more powerful than its green cousin. Freeze and deal damage around self on death

Range: 2 tiles

Doesn't affect unit 2 tiles away diagonally
Red Blob: More powerful than the Blue one. Split on death(between 0 to 9) Almost guaranteed to drop loot.
Blob purple.png
Shadow Blob: A big slime with a huge mouth, can exhaust units in a 3x3 circle area, making enemies recover less energy per turn. Exhaust: 3x3
Blob orange.png
Magma Blob: A fire-themed slime with a terrible on-death explosion that will damage and sometimes burn in a 3x3 circle area. Explosion: 3x3 May burn

Creatures that have been possessed by the encroaching shadow. They are stronger and deadlier than those they represent.

Image Description Abilities Notes
Shadow pup.jpg
Shadow Pup: A quick hound with average health and attack, can rush to your position very quickly! Quick Can move up to 2 tiles and attack in a single turn

Image Description Abilities Notes
Earth elemental.png
Lesser Earth Elemental: Slow but tough rock elemental, very slow but hard to damage. Slow Immune to fire

Very resistant to slashing damage.

Weak against bludgeoning damage, use maces, war hammers or Bear Form to engage!

Has damage mitigation(ignore up to X damage)


Being their own faction insectoids will attack anything not in their faction, player, monster, etc.

Image Description Abilities Notes
Insectoid warrior.png
Insectoid Soldier: Armoured Insectoid Soldier. Leap Attack
Insectoid queen guard.png
Insectoid Royal Guard: Very strong and armored insectoid. Not only does he have two warrior skills, but he will get stronger below 30% health. Be careful! Leap Attack, Colossal Strike, Enraged