Rogue Empire Wiki

Rogue Empire features three different difficulty levels.  Thes are currently available for all game modes.

I am not dying![]

The easiest difficulty setting.  Enemies will be easier to deal with and food consumption will be reduced.

  • Enemies have less health, mana and do less damage on critical blows
  • Champions are less powerful
  • Character food consumption reduced
  • Soul Essence gatehred at 50% the normal rate

I make my own luck![]

Normal difficulty.  This is the default skill level and provides a standard level of challenge the game was balanced for.

  • Game play  mechanics work with its intended values
  • You will generate soul essence at a normal rate

I eat dragons for breakfast![]

Hard difficulty.  Enemies will be unforgiving and you will chew through food at a faster rate.  You will be rewarded with additional Soul Essence for your efforts.

  • Enemies have more health, mana and do more damage on critical blows
  • Champions are much more powerful
  • Character food consumption increased
  • Soul Essence gatehred at 200% the normal rate

Other Settings[]

Several other settings exist to adjust the game difficulty even further.

Timed Mode[]

Timed mode adds limits to the real time you can spend in each turn. This changes the gameplay experience quite a bit:

  • Think about where you review your inventory.
  • Act fast in dangerous situations.
  • A whole new meaning to the risk of getting hungry!

Story Mode[]

Story mode eases the games difficulty by removing permadeath. In story mode, when dying you respawn in the previous level. When playing in story mode you don't earn any soul essence and cannot participate in the leaderboards.